Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nobu's Green Tea Tiramisu

9 oz marscarpone cheese
3 oz sugar
4 pieces yolk
8.5 oz whip cream
4 oz water
3 oz syrup
0.5 oz green tea powder
0.5 oz gran marineir

(1) Knead the marscapone cheese until it becomes creamy.

(2) Beat sugar and yolk until it becomes fluffy.

(3) At first, add 2 tablespoons of (2) into (1) then later, the rest of (2) also add into (1).

(4) Whip cream until foamy consistency.

(5) Combine (3) and (4).

(6) Pour (5) into the mold and put on the green tea cakes which are already cut into 1/4 inch and cover with syrup. After that pour the rest of the syrup into it and repeat the same.

(7) Finally, strain green tea powder with powder sugar for garnish.

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