Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miranda Chipotle Braised Chicken (Tinga de Pollo)

1 whole free-range chicken (approx 3lbs., cut into quarters)
2 onions, yellow or Vidalia (divided usage)
8 garlic cloves
1/4 cup olive oil
4 plum tomatoes (peeled and seeded)
3-5 chipotles chiles in adobo sauce
Salt and pepper, to taste

Cut whole chicken into quarters, remove the skin, if desired and cut 1 of the two onions into 4 pieces as well. Add to a large pot and cover with cold water, add a teaspoon of salt and bring to a boil. 

Simmer until cooked about 30-40 minutes, remove from heat and pull the chicken out of the pot, reserve the broth.

As the chicken is simmering, chop the remaining onion into 1" pieces, and sauté until golden brown. Cut each garlic clove into 4 pieces and place in a small sauce pot with the olive oil, simmer on low heat until the garlic is fragrant but do not allow it to brown.

Peel the tomatoes by dropping them into boiling water for a minute and then shocking them in ice water so the peel can be easily removed and then scrape out the seeds (nice plum tomatoes in a can, such as San Marzano, could also be used).

Add the peeled and seeded tomatoes, sautéed onion and the garlic along with the chipotle chiles to a blender along with 1 cup of the reserved chicken broth. Shred the cooked and now cooled chicken by hand by pulling it off the bone.

Simmer the blended sauce and add in the chicken, add more broth to completely coat the chicken with sauce. Cook 10 minutes and season with salt and pepper.

Serve with handmade gnocchi or even pasta and finish with grated cheese.

Makes 8 portions

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