Monday, March 17, 2014

Burger King French Fries

Russet potatoes
Oil, for frying
Salt, to taste

Start with cleaned and peeled russet potatoes that you have cut into 3/8-inch "match sticks."

Place in bowl of very cold water: keep rinsing and changing the water until the water is clear; drain thoroughly and dry with paper towels or a clean lint-free kitchen towel.

Meanwhile, you preheat your hot oil to 350 degrees F.

Place prepared taters in oil and cook about 5 minutes. They will have that blond-tone color to them.

Note: Once you add cold potatoes to the hot oil, the temperature of your oil is going to drop - you want it to be somewhere between 330 - 325 degrees F.

Remove from oil; drain and cool.

Now - either refrigerate until ready to finish cooking, or cool completely and freeze up to 3 months. To freeze properly - place completely cooled fries in single layer on tray and place in freezer until frozen. Then bag them.

To finish cooking - preheat your oil to 400* F. Add your cold fries (which will drop the oil temp - which is fine because you want it near the 375 degrees F. temp) and cook a few minutes until done.

Lightly salt them and shake well so that the salt distributes well and they are not salty.

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